Afia Schwarzeneger is once again calling for some cheap attention. Just wondering why she always preach the message of minding one’s own business while she can’t just mind hers and keep her ‘stinking’ mouth shut.

The self proclaimed humour therapist is making the best of her cheap title calling out actress Yvonne Nelson to be a husband snatcher and calling her child to be a bastard.

Afia Schwarzenegger claims that, Yvonne Nelson met her baby’s daddy after she visited his wife to buy slimming tea. In other words, Yvonne spotted him and decided to snatch the man and truly did so.


“Yvonne Nelson went to buy slimming tea from her baby daddy’s wife and while she always went there, Yvonne took advantage of her husband and got pregnant for him,” Afia said.

In a yet to be premiered show, Afia used the opportunity to warmly welcome Yvonne Nelson into the Association of Mothers with bastard children.

Yvonne Nelson

“We officially welcome Yvonne Nelson to the Association of mothers with bastard children because she has given birth to a baby out of wedlock. And Yvonne Nelson who knows how to organize demonstrations against Ghanaian men has given birth to a bastard so she is welcomed to the Association,” Afia concluded.




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