Shatta Wale made headlines some couple of days ago when he slapped his own bodyguard on stage—a very left-handed heavy slap as that.

Watch video of the slap below:

Just after video of the African Dancehall King slapping his body guard went viral, the kakai hitmaker came out to say that, the slap was actually a stage craft.

Interestingly, the following day, Shatta bought a brand new motorbike for the bodyguard in question.

This gesture from him has got us all saying that we’re in the One Slap, One Motorbike era.

Well, a  video of a macho man which has since gone viral on social media has caught the attention of a number of people.

In the video, the macho man indicated that he was also gearing up to receive a motorbike from Shatta Wale and he even added that more macho men in his area are also eager to receive their slaps.

The macho man concluded, “As for me, I don’t want a motorbike. I want a small car for Uber. This morning all the macho men in my hood lined up going to Shatta’s house. For the one slap one motorbike promotion.

Watch video below:




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