Achipalago replies Shatta Wale

Ah You Can’t You People See Shatta Wale Is Going Mad? Take Him To A Psychiatric Hospital Before It’s Late’–Archipalago Replies Shatta Wale in new video


Archipelago replies Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and Achipalago used to be good friends, to the extent that Shatta Wale was always giving him a shoutout in his songs.

For some strange reason, they are no longer good friends like they used. If you watch the story we shared earlier on here, which we have attached again below, you could see how pissed off Shatta Wale was but in a sharp rebuttal, Archipalago has replied him, saying that Shatta Wale is going mad and for that matter, he should be taken to a psychiatric home.

Arhcipalago even recommended that he should be taken to the Ankaful psychiatric hospital so Wale’s mind is evaluated. Shatta would be angry if he sees this,.




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