Video: Tears flow as they place Ebony’s soldier bodyguard into the grave

Ebony’s soldier bodyguard who died with her in the accident has been conveyed to the cemetery for his final rest with the ancestors.


The soldier, Atsuh Vondee

Wailing and tears are flowing in a every direction.

A new video available to sees the Lance Corporal being lowered to the grave.

See video below:

Another video here:

In related issues, Countryman Songo Weeps Bitterly At Ebony’s Funeral:

Countryman Songo known in real life as Patrick Osei Agyemang  was Ebony’s buddy-buddy.

There was a special bond between the duo.

Whenever, Ghanaians are bashing Ebony over her obscene way of dressing, Countryman is always there to defend her.

Now that she’s gone, it clearly shows that the Fire for Fire TV presenter is torn to the core.

He was seen at the funeral grounds, weeping and wailing… See photos and video below:

Video below:

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