So dancehall king Shatta Wale gave his personal bodyguard a dirty slap for allowing a fan to grab his leg.

The fan who tried to grab Wale’s leg was pushed down by the bodyguard but Wale was not satisfied with his bodyguards action action the bodyguard seems to be scared of the fan.

A fan who happened to be at the event said Shatta Wale slapped the bodyguard because he (the bodyguard) tried to abuse his fans after the one of the fans climed the stage to touch Shatta.

Watch the slap below. .





  1. Shatta Wale #ADK👑👑👑 slapped His bodyguard because, the guard pushed one of His fans from the stage and the guy fell on the ground.
    NB:The Fan who was pushed is a Boy.
    #SM no faking!
    4lyf is our lyf!

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