Ever since Countryman Songo revealed that, he will fire Ebony Reigns if he gets the chance to do so, they’ve became good friend to the extent of performing on the same stage in Kumasi where Songo got the chance to fire her and actually used it well.


Ebony Reigns also appeared on Countryman Songo’s show to mourn popular media personality Kaba’s sad death that break many peoples heart just to show how much love she have for Songo as best of friends.

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Now over the past days, Ebony have been the talk of time concerning her way of dressing on stage by many people including MUSIGA president Obour and to show how much love Songo have for the hustle hit maker, he defended his best friend Ebony by saying ”“You Might See Ebony’s Nakedness But You Won’t Get To Chop Her”.

“You may see her nakedness but you would never get to have a taste of it. How many female musicians have been able to survive in the music industry? She’s my baby girl, don’t try criticising her else, you would see some fire” Songo is heard saying in the audio, you are about to listen below.

Listen to the full audio below:




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