Video: Archipalago Rebukes Moesha Boudong – Check It Out

There is much fact to attest to the that Moesha Boudong for some days now after her controversial interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has been trending and recieving public backlash from Media personals, artist as well as public figures.


Speaking to Christiane Amanpour on CNN’s “S£X and Love Around the World”, Moesha said she has so many needs that she cannot attend to on her own and will need the support of a man for.

“In Ghana, our economy is in such a way that you need someone to just take care of you [because] you can’t make enough money as a woman here.”

She further said ‘I sleep with married men in other to get financial support to take care of my needs, and it’s same for other ladies as well’

However, checks made by on some prominent Ghanaian celebrities IG page got one of the best friends of Moesha Boudong in person of ‘Archipalago‘ seriously rebuking Moesha for her comments.

In the one minutes one second video, Archipalago is heard saying Moesha Boudong behaves very childish.

He further proceeded on to say Moesha Boudong is a known speaker for Slay Queens of her time but she overblown that opportunity offered her on one of the world’s biggest platform ‘CNN‘.

Also, he said, he has for sometime now been known to be a person who always insults females which is very false because he corrects them when they go wrong.

He at the end of the video jumped to the defence of Moesha Boudong and cautioned her to apologies to Ghanaian women.

Watch Video Below:

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