Trending on social media right now is Akosua Sika, a slay queen who was assaulted by another group of slay queens for allegedly trying to snatch her boyfriend when Akosua visited the guy in his house for some chop money, a situation which look like set-up by the guy to  assault Akosua.

Its very sad how everything happened. Police must arrest that guy.Akosua sikaBelow is the video…

Here was the reaction from the guy who posted the video online..

”So u didn’t mind he had a girlfriend
All your concentration was on the money for food because ‘it’s normal for me to ask a guy who claims he likes me something to see if indeed when I’m in need he will atleast he will offer to help’. Wogyimii
So that’s why u date a man errrhn
Hungry girl…Even though what the girls did was wrong but you are part of it.
How can u go that low
Who even told u ur boyfriend is supposed to take care of u?”Akosu sika

here was Akosua’s reaction after the incident..READ THE CHAT BETWEEN AKOSUA AND THE GUY WHO SET HER UP FOR BEATINGS WHERE SHE ASKED THE GUY FOR MONEY BECAUSE SHE WAS HUNGRY..Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Chat started..

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: 1 person

The guy could not believe she asked him for money beause she was hungry..

No automatic alt text available.It was reported that, Akosua have a boyfriend who always take good of her and even bought an iphone 8 for her.Akosua sika

Girls of todoy, what do you want at all? this are some of the reasons why you are not staying on this earth for long.





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