The Main Reasons Why Ponobiom And Some Artists Are Hating On Shatta Wale

Everyday they say Shatta do this, Shatta is this, Shatta is that. Well there is no doubt that many people are jealous when they see Shatta Wale progressing and successful in everything he does.
From the VGMAs Board to some of his fellow Musicians and even some of his friends are hating on Shatta Wale because of his talent and more.
Moreover,Shatta Wale’s talent is amazing and he is undoubtedly the master of dancehall music in Africa as he keep his fans up to date with many hit songs throughout every year and there is no artists in our music industry that can do that.
Check out some of the reasons why many people are hating on Shatta Wale below.
1. His Talent – you can’t doubt me if I say that Shatta Wale is amazingly talented because he does not pay any producer to produce his songs for him nor pay any beat maker to make beats for him nor pay any songwriter to write his songs for him. He writes, produce and sings his own hit songs. Da maker. Every money goes into his bank account.
2. His Hit Factory – Shatta Wale has the most hit songs in the country, to be frank every track that Shatta Wale will release is a mega hit. Many are jealous of that.
3. His loyal fans – in good times and bad times, SM fans are always there to support their king Shatta Wale. They make almost all his songs a hit, they attend every show he organised and most importantly give him the hype and the love he deserve. He refer to his fans as SM Soldiers because they are always ready to fight for him. Best fans.
4. Expensive and Big shows – Shatta Wale does not charge below Ghc.80k which is 800 million old cedis for shows that he will play. Even if he organise his personal shows, the turnout will be big. Every musician want that and when they don’t get, they choose to hate on Shatta Wale. But who Jah bless.
5. His Beautiful Wife – many people are jealous of Shatta Wale and Shatta michy ‘ s peaceful relationship and this time they don’t diss Shatta Wale alone if they want hype, but they will add his wife Shatta michy. Many are the names they call Shatta Michy, but that even make their relationship stronger than before. Who do not want to get married to a beauty queen like Shatta michy? They are just jealous of them and the more they see them together, the more they hate on Shatta Wale, fire burn dem.

6. He won many international awards : even he was recently honoured by IRAWMA in Chicago USA for his contribution to African reggae dancehall.


7. He millions of views on YouTube which every musician dreamt of having.

8. He owns a million dollar mansion. Tell me how many musicians owns a million dollar mansion.

Shatta Wale is rich and famous and everyday he keep increasing his dollars in his bank account and that make Ponobiom and his friends jealous. Whatever it is am not sure they can pull Shatta Wale down , never.
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