Eagle Prophet known in real life as Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyabi has revealed that death tolls on the Tema motorway will increase this December.

And celebrities music, movie and radio industry are the prime targets.

And according to him, he saw the spirit (ghost) dead Suzzy Williams as the one backing this.

eagle prophet
eagle prophet

“I saw the spirit of Suzzy Williams on the motorway which symbolizes a demonic plan to take lives of people who are public figures or stars” “I am sounding a caution to commuters on the stretch to be extra careful and drive safe especially celebrities” he stated.

Speaking on Ahotor FM’s morning Show on Wednesday 6th December the Eagle Prophet advised all to pray and fast intensively for protection especially on their day of birth during this period of festivity.

suzzy williams
suzzy williams

“I can categorically state that this will be the only way to escape the traps of the devil”, he emphasized.

Suzzy Williams was a well-known Ghanaian television and film actress. Notable movies include Bloody Mary, Calamity, The Comforter and Mother’s Heart.




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