“Spend Within Your Means, Take Trotro”–Edem’s Short Letter To Moesha Buodong After Her CNN Interview

Rapper Edem has a message for Moesha Buodong after her shameless comments made on CNN that, she depends on married men for financial survival and that women in Ghana are found of doing same since the Economy is hard.



Edem in a tweet advised Moesha to live within her means and stop blaming the reasons why she sleeps with married men on the economy.

“Spend within your means…Cut your coat below ur size ..If u can’t take a taxi take trotro..If u can’t buy papaye buy Amalia waakye..N stop telling us Economy!! Any body wether man or woman wey want things ihn pocket no fit hold ..would eventually bend their rules”–Edem’s tweet read.

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Well, while some people are angry at her for her senseless comments, there are those who support her and have praised her for being confident and honest about how she makes her money.

Read tweet below:

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