Shatta Wale’s fake Gucci Hoodie exposed – See the original one revealed by Bhim nation fans

Bhim nation fans expose Shatta Wale’s expensive Gucci Hoodie after Shatta fans revealed the price of their king Shatta Wale’s Gucci Hoodie which he wore to the Manhyia palace earlier this week.


According to them, Dancehall king Shatta Wale is known for showing off fake things and the example they gave was the Addidas dress he put on in his smash hit song Biegya video some years ago.

Shatta Wale fake Addidas

Shatta Wale fake Addidas

We all know how rich Shatta Wale is and I don’t believe that he can buy fake dress as Bhim fans claimed but take a look at their Original Gucci Hoodie and that of Shatta Wale’s own below…

Shatta Wale Gucci Hoodie dress

Shatta Wale Gucci Hoodie

Bhim fans should let’s Shatta Wale be…

Shatta Wale in Gucci Hoodie

Shatta Wale Gucci Hoodie cost

Checkout the reactions of some fans below..




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