Following slapping his bodyguard for not allowing his fans to touch him whiles performing on stage at the 2017 S concert at the Accra Sports Stadium, Shatta Wale revealed in a Facebook post that, he is not going to apologize to his bodyguard for slapping him because “Slap is part of the Shatta Movement code and his bodyguard is so loyal” despite many criticism from some fans and media personalities.

”Nobody should think of Interview for my bodyguard ..He wont even answer you ..He is loyal and he understands the SMCODE ..hey folks today i want you guys to know SHATTA MOVEMENT IS BEYOND MUSIC….Sort your lives out cuz am living mine in a grand style..Biggie Sparta too Loyal…💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿”

This means that, when him Shatta Wale also mess up at an event, his bodyguard can as well slap him just like he did to him since that is the Sm CODE and he is the leader and so leadership by example.

Below are some of the reactions from some fans..





  1. I think de bodyguard was right in preventing the fan from touching him cos the fan may have harmed him in de process of touching him (Shatta wale) and it his job dat he did so I shatta wale should apologise and talking about SMcode
    So does it mean any member of his crew can also slap him Whn he does something wrong since slapping is part of their crew (SM) code

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