Shatta Michy reacts to Moesha Buduong’s comments on CNN about Ghanaian women

Moesha boduongon CNN talking about love and sex and this discussion has made the whole country talking.


”I and all Ghanaian ladies sleep with married men for financial assistance” – Moesha Buodong tells CNN’s Christiana Amanppur and the wife / Baby mama of Dancehall king Shatta Wale reacts in her recent social media post.

Here is what Shatta Michy have to say..

“its possible to make it as a woman in gh. don’t be deceived. the rich man paying the bills today was once a poor man, patience has its rewards. you’re waiting for ‘ready made” men? when I met my KING, he was a work in progress, I was patient and God didn’t fail me. if you understand life, Life will be easier. we all make mistakes but c’mon there are strong, hardworking young women out here, get them noticed the nail technician”

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