Rashida Black Black Beauty does not deserve my sympathy – Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger sometime back cautioned Rashida Black Beauty over her bad way of life. However, a lot of social media fired back at the controversial TV Presenter that she of all people has no damn right to talk about or even correct Rashida.

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Rashida Black Beauty

Fast-forward about a year later and now, 18-year-old Rashida is pregnant, a result of her naivety and stupidity.

Well according to Afia, the recent state of Rashida Black Beauty needs urgent care and therefore those who once criticized her should immediately support her.

Rashida Black Beauty, the young girl from Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region has confirmed reports suggesting she is heavily pregnant.

She disclosed that her embattled boyfriend, Kushman is the man responsible for her seven-month-old pregnancy.

In an interview, she explained that the current situation she finds herself is beyond her control.

She revealed that she is ‘broke’ to the extent that she does not even have a mobile phone.

“I didn’t just decide to get pregnant. I wanted to even abort the pregnancy but my mum discouraged me from doing so,” she noted.

She appealed to Ghanaians to support so she can safely deliver.

But Afia Schwarzenegger, known for her controversial opinions, commenting on the matter warned the nation about the mental health of Rashida.


According to Afia Schwar, Ghanaians are simply hypocrite and could not fathom why some Ghanaians came hard at her when she tried to advise the young girl.

She questioned why Ghanaians condoned Rashida instead of getting her help and education.

“Ghanaians are hypocrite. I once remember I criticized Ghanaians for praising Rashida because she was bold to talk about her love life and her boyfriend whom she had sex with. Immediately I came out to condemn it, some irresponsible people came attacking me for advising the young saying I was jealous of her.

“How can I be jealous of a pregnant small girl who has no future. Now she needs help and even in her state, you have decided not to mind her. I want to remind you all that Rashida is 7 months pregnant and she needs help.

“For now I know she needs GHC 5,000 only to make her dream come true. In fact, I have that money but I won’t help her and so I’m calling on all those who once believed in her to immediately go to her rescue because she needs it now” she said in a live Facebook Post.




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