Promzy, former member of VIP (now VVIP) group has sent some ‘death threats’ to African Dancehall King, Shatta Wale.

I’ll very much understand that Promzy has been out of the music scene and his cheap banters at Shatta Wale should simply mean, he’s searching for publicity in other for his name to make the headlines a little bit and that we’ll help him achieve.


According to the ‘expired’ musician, he’s back in Ghana now, so Shatta Wale should play around (talking anyhow) and he (Promzy) will show him that he’s the boss.

Now u watch how talk about nima son,i dnt hate u but i can cripple u easy,kumordgie n abass they my boys.respect the hood son am in gh now fuck around lets play .i will sshow u am your boss“, Promzy posted on Facebook.

Already the Shatta fans are serving Promzy some good deal of trolling.

See some of their comments reads:

Shatta Sabali Fedha: I Thought we could love u as you were being thrown away for nufn,I just made a post of you and you’re here talking like you’re on cheap drugs,keep talkin shit on here,we will wait for your foolishness,I thought you were cool with wale when he visited you in ur studios after u were fuckin sacked from your group,can you fight all the youth in Ghana ? If not,don’t try this stupidness again,ur teeth like broken rice .

Ibrahim Gauwusu: Don’t start a war you can’t win. You just chewed more than you can swallow. I just lost total respect fi you. No wonder they kicked you out of VIP group.

Unrúly Stano Notnice: You think everyone is riding on Shatta wale so you can also fuck up? I swear like you no go return to your cleaning job in America

Smkid Champion Alkaline: King Larry says when it comes to SM it’s all about Loyalty ma guy and that he is not your fucking Boy as you claim and that if you try the King Of Africa Dancehall he is also gonna deal with you so then try and see

Nurudeen Abdul Rahman: The best way u can fight shatta is by entering the studio wit ur group to diss him n expect his reply. But this facebook posts and interview ‘re just limiting ur fan base also disgracing nima. Cos nothing u guys I mean VIP to VVIP did for nima. Lyrically non in ur group can face him. The talent in ur group is Zeal and him self can’t him not to talk of you who Raps like chorchor kiddi. Ma guy shine ur eyes not to let us ignore ur career fully

Michael Wills: wait..wait..wait…fuck is wrong with niqqa? Where did Shatta ever mention your name? Is this a way of gaining favour from you old crew? Dude they sold u out, stop sucking they dick and protect your dignity. Adey pet you waaa…so shon dey foool……and by the way u cant do SHIT..

McCain Kartel: Shatta Movement got mad respect for Nima and they know it shatta wale doesn’t speak ill about Nima he got mad respect for Nima everywhere he goes he talks about Nima

Esther Buckman: Aaaa boy what is your problem now , Has Wale mention your name that u dey do this ? Earlier I thought u said u guys are cool. What is this shit u dey do

Romeo TymeChanges: PromZy u be Underground Artist, u don’t have an Album so u are not qualified for this beef, u re not even qualified for Bush Meat. This Hype u want dia, u go get am from the Chelsea Fans…

Nii Odarkwei Lamptey Promzy: I shock for you waaaaaaaa haaaaa you paaaa go and come again you go cripple super star Shatta wale eiiiiiiiiiii you not dey fear…..we the SM family we no dey fear face ooo

Kwaku Btee: My guy if you think you are a Boss over Shatta Wale just get into the studio and pour all ur insults there for him so ur tune will hit as well and wait for the KING reply and see if u will even sing or Rap again fool get sense and think of how u will go back and join that useless group of urs they sold u out ….With all ur hits u people couldn’t buy houses each u sit down for Niaja small boy come make super hit from ur all time hit song Ahomka WoMu …U are now staying with a woman in her own house at Mallam-Gbawe and u are here insulting someone making money and helping fix Ghana music #FoolIsTheLastToKnow




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