Former President, John Dramani Mahama celebrated his 59th birthday on 29th November, 2017 — that’s two days ago.

Surprisingly, the first gentleman of the land, President Nana Akuffo Addo didn’t send any birthday message to his friendnemy in the politricks game.

Nana Addo and Shatta Wale
Nana Addo and Shatta Wale

Interestingly, On October 17 this year was the birthday of self-acclaimed Dancehall King of Ghana, Shatta Wale, and the president took his time not to only wish the musician a ‘Happy Birthday’, he also requested for a visit which was honored by the musician.

Taking cue the fact that the current president and the former president are two of the major statesmen in Ghana, Ghanaians are finding it difficult to understand why Akufo-Addo will give the impression that all is not well between him and JM.

Others are suggesting that he probably sent him a message behind close those but many have the opinion it would have sent a better message if he had shown JM love publicly. That is if he even wished JM behind close those.

Well, it appears Akufo-Addo chose Shatta Wale over JM and Ghanaians definitely can’t think far…lol.

Now see how some Ghanaians reacted:




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