Praye Reunites For Massive Performance At 2018 VGMAs

Our beloved Praye music group consisting of Praye Tintin, Cartel Big J and Choir Master has finally re-united and delivered massive performance at VGMAs 2018 as usual.



The group, which have broken apart for the past half decade, came together, all three members, as they performed a medley of their greatest hits on the VGMA stage.

It was only a few months ago when the two remaining members, Praye Tintin and Tietia, were feuding with the third ex-member Choirmaster and vowing they would never get back together.

But on the grandest stage of Ghana music awards, the trio performed together once again for the first time in years, a performance that was lauded all across social media as Ghanaians celebrated the reunion.

It appears everyone is happy with their come-back.

We look forward to more hits back-to-back as we always got served from them.




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