Just some few weeks ago, hearsays had it that Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello Nare have divorced.

Simply because Pokello didn’t send Elikem any good will message as she normally does on his birthdays.

Elikem the tailor came out to speak on matters arising.

Speaking to JoyNews,he refuted all such allegations and indicated he owes no one an explanation when it comes to his marriage.

“Why are people dwelling on what’s on social media….I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a post where people will not want to jump to conclusion A, B or C.”

“Secondly. I am not to spit out what’s private at home on air, to say yes I am divorced or no I am not divorced so whether I am divorced or not, I am sure it’s not anyone’s business so to speak”….Elikem said.

Pokello Nare finally responds to divorce allegations
Pokello Nare finally responds to divorce allegations

Since then, we’ve all being waiting on Pokello to also utter a word. Since we can’t  hear from Elikem alone.

In series of tweets, he sermonized that the only way life will be better for you is not being worried about how it looks to people who don’t matter.

“Life’s better when you stop worrying about how it looks to people who don’t matter!”, Pokello tweeted

From her tweet, it indicates that there’s probably no cause for alarm, as the publications that went viral on social media were just false alarms.

ElikemTheTailor met Pokello Nare back in 2013 when they were in the Big Brother Africa House. The two fell in love with each other, and in 2014 Elikem proposed to Pokello at the Ghana Music Awards Night in 2014, in what I will say is one of the memorable proposals I have seen. The two got married in 2015, and have a son called Tristan.




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