Photos: Zylofon is near to taking Stonebwoy to court over breach of contract pressed here sometime back that Stonebwoy has agreed to perform at VGMA 2018 Nominees jam without any permission from Zylofon music—the record label he has been signed unto.


Remember Zylofon has issued an official statement that any party that wants to deal with their signed artistes, must do so through them.

This move by Stonebwoy is obviously against the codes and ethics of Zylofon Media.

Hence, Zylofon sent a letter to VGMA organizers to confirm if or not it’s true that Stonebwoy would be performing at the nominees jam without their validated permission.

And that’s to mean Stonebwoy could be dragged to court should he be found guilty of this.

See the letters below as issued by the lawyers of Zylofon:

At the time of this publication, has learned that Stonebwoy’s name has been taken off the list of artiste who would be performing at the 2018 VGMA nominees jam this coming Friday in Cape coast.

A report on says, George Quaye, Head of Communications for Charterhouse, organizers of the VGMAs, has confirmed the news that Stonebwoy is no longer on the bill as previously advertised.—Yes the Zylofon letter effect.

From all that’s happening, it’s obvious Stonebwoy wants to leave Zylofon.

However, perhaps there’s a conditional clause that would not favour any of the parties, should one of them be the one to call for the termination of the contract.

That only explains why Stonebwoy is hesitant in officially announcing his departure from Zylofon Media–He wants to sort of create an impression that Zylofon Music is the ‘bad guy’ and Zylofon Music is also reluctant, because it would be the one losing investments, should they terminate the deal and when they do that, it would sort of create an impression that they signed Stonebwoy just to piss him off.

Stonebwoy really dey grow horns.




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