Photos: Popular ‘gay lord’ dies of anus cancer as a result of ho-mo-s-exuality…

A popular homosexual in Congo Brazzaville, Paul Arnaud has died after suffering from anal cancer for several years.

Paul Arnaud

Reports confirmed that the deceased got sick with the disease  after he was infected by a white lover he was living with.
Brazzaville Info 242 who tweeted the news, said Arnaud who was a famous gay man in that country, died of the disease on October 24, 2017.
It was gathered that Arnaud, son of a local pastor, shocked his family and country people when he announced that he was gay.
He was as a result, ostracised from his family and  community, forcing him to flee to the capital city where he had a free reign.
Years after, he was diagnosed with the disease  and had battled it for many years, having lost a lot of weight, till he finally lost the fight.




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