Criss Kwaku Waddle, the C.E.O of AM.G  seems to have had so many beefs with his wey back nigga Sam Sarfo known as Showboy concerning a sellout case that happened which Waddle believed was Shwoboy was the one behind the case.

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The beef went on for a while but ended within a week and for some past months now we have heard nothing about them not to talk of them coming back to be tight as they were at first.

Waddle in a live video this morning said people are taking one slap for a motorbike and him showboy is in America taking his own for free following the Shatta Wale and bodyguard one slap, one motorbike issue. The AMG boss also threaten Showboy not to step his foot in Accra, and if he does, he will be punish for his negative comments about AMG.

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But Waddle posted this morning on his timeline blasting a nigga of his on his timeline which seems to be a form of an indirect message to Shwobwoy.

Since no one’s name was mentioned in the post we can’t tell if the post was for Showboy or who.

See what Waddle posted below:

I sure say this time round if showboy tries to reply am, ego turn war for the whole GH.






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