Chelsea legend Micheal Essien believe France international Tiemoue Bakayoko can improved his performance at chelsea despite many criticism from blue fans and the latest was Frank Lampard atfter Chelsea’s 1: 1 draw agaist A. Madrid.


“It is his first season. He is still young and he has a lot in him to keep developing,” Essien said. “There’s no need to put pressure on him and he doesn’t need to put pressure on himself. He just needs to try to enjoy the situation and to try to adapt.

“Chelsea is an amazing place to play and the Premier League is not that easy to come to. Some people take time and others come in and get it straight away. He needs to adapt.

micheal essien

“However, I was ready when I signed for Chelsea. I was ready to come, it was physical in the league. I was prepared with my abilities and I was a bit older. I didn’t find it hard at all. [Jose] Mourinho gave me every confidence and it was quite easy to adapt.

“It was more physical back when I signed but for the players now it is a bit less. The referees are protecting the players more which is good. All my old team-mates are gone! It is the football life. Players come and go.

essien at chelsea“Conte has brought in the players that he needs and that’s normal. It was nothing personal and it is a normal thing that happens in football. Managers come in and they need certain players, yes, all my old team-mates have gone but that’s normal to not stay there forever.

“You have to move on [as a player]. I don’t think it is hard for Conte’s side to compete with my side. I don’t like comparisons, what we’ve done has gone now and we have the new boys in now. We have to keep supporting them and they can win something for Chelsea.” – He said




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