Renowned actor, Majid Michel together with his wife, Virna has paid a courtesy visit to Ryn Roberts, daughter of actress Yvonne Nelson.

It appears this is the first time the Majids are coming into contact with baby Ryn.

Virna held Ryn with all admiration…and awe-stricken Majid covered his mouth with one hand beholding the beauty of Ryn.

See photo below:

Born on October 29, 2017, Baby Ryn’s birth could be described as very controversial as her mother, Yvonne, denied her pregnancy on several occasions.

As if the denial of being pregnant and the eventual delivery was not curious, news emerged after the birth of Baby Ryn that her father was Jamie Roberts, a British photographer.

Many were those who criticized Yvonne Nelson for choosing to have a baby out of wedlock and also with a white man.

The criticisms worsened when a lady named Keela Harrison claimed that Jamie was her husband.

But it looks like all the brouhaha surrounding the Baby Ryn’s birth has died naturally.

Looking at Baby Ryn in the photo, it looks like the little girl is growing steadily, making Majid’s expression of surprise understandable.




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