Listen to Pataapa’s reaction to a Lady who’s crushing on Him (Audio)

The Audio below records a lady’s confession to Patapaa about how she feels for Him.

In the conversation Between her and Patapaa, we could hear the Lady telling Patapaa how she feels for him, saying he has a crush on Patapaa.


But it seems Patapaa didn’t get the word the Lady was trying to use correctly, so he asked her to recall the word and come see Wahala.

The Conversation between Patapaa and the Lady

Lady: I want to tell you that I have a crush on you.

Patapaa: M hmm

Lady: Do you understand it

Patapaa: What?

Lady:I have a cruch on You

Patapaa: You have a what, a clash, you have a trash on me

Listen to Full Audio below

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