We all know very well that, Money can never and ever buy happiness. It takes more than money to be happy. There is this popular saying that, ”Happiness is within”. You can be poor and be happy than a rich man in his luxurious cars and mansions.

A South African entrepreneur, identified simply as Uyanda has taken to Twitter to prove that being extremely wealthy doesn’t equate happiness.

south African rich woman

The young and beautiful lady who shared photos of her luxurious lifestyle, disclosed that she has been flown on private jets and as passenger 1A 1st class, been gifted the best cars but still felt unhappy.

See her Tweets below;


See more beautiful photos of the luxurious lifestyle of the hard working lady…

rich lady

she fly private jet .

that is a multi million car..

another one..

Please when you have all the money in this world, try to be humble.







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