Lady Sacked from church for ‘Exposing her body’ (Photos)

It is no longer news that in some churches, women are not allowed to expose any part of their body during Sunday or mid-week service.


In such churches, ladies are given scarves or are not allowed in for worship. Such was the case of this young lady who disclosed that she was sent back home for not dressing decently into the house of God.

The lady who was identified as Mbanefo Nkiru Angel on Sunday, April 8, took to her Facebook profile to reveal how she finally decided to go to church after a long time but was sent home for not dressing properly.

Angel’s post reads: “Today that I decided to go to church. My look to church today in Awada Onitsha.

The church warders sent me back. They refused me entering the church saying I should go and look for a jacket or a scarf to cover my shoulder shouting that I’m naked. I didn’t even talk to them. I just jejely and happily carry my legs and go back. Let me go and sleep biko. Nonsense and ingredients. Ndi over do. Onitsha is too backward for my liking.

This dress is indecent? Are you people kidding me? Even in the village they cannot send me away. It is still in this Onitsha that they commit the highest atrocity. They are not real Christians.

The act of sending me away doesn’t portray or show real Christianity. Even they Rev Father cannot send me away. It is all these holier than though brothers that go and do worst at the back. They are still blind in the things of church.”




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