It seems like Wizkid fans are not done with African dancehall king Shatta Wale yet after his super star comments.

Following Shatta Wale’s death prophecy by a certain prophet named Cosmos on facebook, some Wizkid fans throw heavy punches at Shatta Wale but rejected any untimely death that will come his way .

One of the fans said that “he knew Shatta Wale got a certificate of stupidity in 2017 for saying their super star Wizkid is not a super star to him.

”i know say shatta wale got the certificate of stupidity in 2017 but I reject any death.. I mean untimely death in his life. you will not die but live to display your stupidity for us. we love your stupidity, it amuses us. long live the shattered brain wale”- one of the comments reads

Trust me Shatta Wale is already turning them into his loyal fans.

see screenshots of their reactions below..



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