Juliet Ibrahim to Shatta Wale and co. – “You don’t brand yourself a local artiste and expect international recognition”

Organisers of CAF Awards 2017 sidelined local artistes and allowed their Nigerian counterparts to dominate much to the chagrin of the Ghanaian populace


This sad event has caused Ghanaian musicians (Shatta Wale, Samini and co) appealing to authorities to pass a law. A law which will allow local arts to dominate when even an International event is held down here in Ghana.

Moreover, they’re also calling on media houses to show/play much of Ghanaian contents (music and videos) rather than the foreign ones.

Well, actress Juliet Ibrahim has said until Ghanaian entertainers (Samini, Shatta Wale and co) rebrand themselves and look beyond Ghana, they will continue to be overlooked when it comes to International events.

This wakeup call by the actress comes on the back of calls by some artistes and entertainment pundits call on Parliament to promulgate a law that will ensure that events held in Ghana will have Ghanaian artistes dominating during Primetime performances.

Shatta Wale

The actress believes that most artistes and entertainers in Ghana do not look beyond Ghana and that has been their bane.

In a series of tweets drumming home the need for rebranding by artistes, She said “When we brand ourselves locally,we will continue to stay recognised locally.Ghanaian artistes shld step out of their comfort zones & expand their horizons.Only a few has been able to do this & those few are d ones who’ll keep taking our country’s flag higher”.

“So, bottom line, there’s a time for everything.Maybe this is a wake up call for Ghanaian artistes/Entertainers and Ghana as a whole to wake up and start rebranding and appreciating their own.Let’s stop complaining and use our energy to do the right thing to be valued accordingly”




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