Fast rising actress and socialist Andrea Owusu known in the entertainment industry as Efia Odo has finally opened up about how she deals with her sex life.

Talking about Efia’s sex life, he has been alleged to be sleeping around for Fame in recent beef that popped between her and YOLO star Fella Makafui.

Efia speaking on celebrities ride with @zionfelixdotcom she said,she would never lower herself to sleeping with any producer for a movie role. 

According to Efia in the interview, she made it clear that some other celebrities in the movies industry just give themselves to producers for movie roles so that they will gain fame, and she Efia added she is not that type of girl.

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Explaining herself further she said:

“Please I don’t do that, I am a professional. And I’m not money hungry or fame hungry. Those people who would want to sleep with producers, it’s like they want the fame or something out of it,” Efia said.

“This is because there is no way you should have the talent to act and still use your body to earn a role in a movie. When you know you have the talent, then let the talent speak for yourself.

I can never sleep with a producer for a movie, not even in Hollywood will I do that. Never,” she added.

The star actress further discussed her relationship and sex life, saying she is currently not dating any man.

She said she separated from her fiancé – who lives in London – some months ago and has not yet found a new partner.

On her sex life, Efia said she hasn’t had any intercourse in almost a year since breaking up with her boyfriend.

“For me, I have sex when I’m in a relationship. If I’m not in a relationship then I can’t do anything with the person. I have to do things with meaning.

“I can’t just be having sex because I love someone, no, there has to be something more.

But I’m not in a relationship currently. Well, the last time I got out of one was last May.” 





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