I’m The Brain Behind My Husband’s Public Utterances – Counselor Lutterodt’s Wife Reveals

Behind every controversial husband, there’s probably a controversial wife as birds of a feather always flock together.


This is the case of the wife of controversial Counsellor George Luterodt and his wife.

According to the Mrs. Luterodt she’s primarily the brain behind her husband’s public ‘nonfa‘ utterances.

“There are some of them that we actually discuss before he comes on air so it doesn’t shock me like it shocks you people,” he said on 3FM Friday morning when she made a surprised visit to the studio to wish her husband happy birthday.

“He brings up a topic, like a case study, then we will brainstorm. Even though I don’t know exactly what he’s going to present, there are some words that will come out and I will react to it so when I hear it on air I’m not surprised,” she explained.

The name Counselor George Lutterodt over the years has been on the lips of many Ghanaians taking into consideration his weird stance on issues relating to popular figures. Some of the things he says makes you think, what’s really his motivation but there are most times that he makes lots of sense regardless of the backlashes.




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