I’m not a p0rn star, “Story is I was paid to fuck a p**n star” – Former Legon student finally speaks about his viral ‘P**n video’

The former student of the University of Ghana who was caught up in a viral p*rn video has finally spoken out.


Nana Kwame Opoku, a 2016 graduate of the University, became an instant hit in Ghana after he was spotted in a p*rn video on twitter.

Currently in the U.S, the speculation was that he had decided to enter into the lucrative adult film industry to make some quick bucks.

However, Opoku has now spoken out, providing a statement to Ghbase, the blog which broke the story.

According to him, he is not a p*rn star as currently being reported but he simply paid the p*rn star to have s£x with her and they agreed to film it but not for the video to be leaked.

Legon Former student in porn video

Legon Former student in porn video

According to him, it was a silly mistake he made but that doesn’t make him a p*rn star.

“Story is I paid to fuck a p**n star we record via webcam and she posted it. It was last year, someone just found the video online and started making these stories up.

“Not my job, I made a mistake last year and learnt my lesson” he said in an e-mail to the blog.

The former Business Administration student is reportedly now acquiring his master’s degree at a U.S college.




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