Illuminati killed Ebony Reigns- Evangelist Emmanuel Addai reveals (VIDEO)

There have been many prophets and pastors claiming they saw the death of Ebony coming and many have been also telling different stories of the cause of her death.


And now Evangelist Emmanuel Addai has break silence on the death of Ebony and it’s cause.

According to the Evangelist was into the worlds famous society Illuminati and was really in a serious campaign for the Freemasonry group with her music and her style of dressing.

Using numbers to buttress his argument, Evangelist Addai likened Ebony death to late Suzy Williams who also dead through a similar incident.

Evangelist Emmanuel Addai was clear that Ebony’s death is purely caused by her involvement in illuminism and was being used as an agent of Satan.

He revealed...

“Suzy Williams died on Thursday, Ebony died on Thursday. Both deaths are similar which were caused by illumination.”

“They killed Ebony to give way to another lady to take over.”

Evangelist Addai further backed his argument with some drawings.

Watch video below….


‘Ebony Was A Burden To Society’ — Insensitive Counsellor George Lutterodt Says

As Ghanians are yet to come to reality concerning the untimely death of Ghana’s best Dancehall artiste Ebony, self-styled Counsellor George Lutterodt has callously started with his famed gibberish utterances.

When he was asked to react to the news of the death on Joy Prime’s ‘The Red Carpet’, Mr Lutterodt said the late singer was a burden to society when she was alive due to the her youthful exuberance.

The popular counsellor suggested that anyone raised in a single home is a burden to society because they do not get the requisite training they need from both parents.

He said:

If you’re raised by a single parent you become a burden to society.

What kind of counsellor is this?

Here are 4 Ghanaian Entertainers who died through road accident

Ghana was painted with a very sad news yesterday prior to the death of Dancehall musician, Ebony Reigns.

We have been all shaken to the bones as we least expect Ebony to ‘go’ by this time even though death is inevitable.

The fact that her death came through road accident has got us to remember our top entertainers who also died in time past through accident—at a very young age.

Below is a list of 4 Ghanaian entertainers who died through road accident.

  1. Terry Bonchaka

Music lovers were thrown into shock when “poulele” hitmaker Terry Bonchaka passed on in October 2003 through a car accident.

Terry Bonchaka was then the new kid on the block and took the entire country by surprise with his iconic old school dressing and famous dance move “poulele”.

Unfortunately, Ghana lost Terry to road accident and cut short the life of an otherwise great entertainer who would have put Ghana on the global entertainment map.

2. Suzzy Williams

suzzy williams
suzzy williams

Two years later, Suzzy Williams died at age 23, one of the best movie stars to have graced the screens.

She had barely reached the high point of her career as an actress when she died. Suzzy just like Ebony, was full of life and lived her life despite heavy criticisms But death laid its icy hands on her when she got involved in yet another motor accident on the La-Teshie Nungua road.

3. Kwame Owusu Ansah

Again, Ghana lost another Whoopi Goldberg to needless road accident.

On May 2, 2008, another actor Kwame Owusu Ansah died in a fatal car accident on a road many people will not be surprised, the Tema motorway. Doctors had worked around the clock to save Kwame’s life but Kwame had lost too much blood.

It was not in doubt that Kwame did a lot of collaboration with Nigerian actors and if his love for acting away from home is anything to go by, he probably will be competing with Idris Elba for the next James Bond. But no, because of a negligent cargo driver who was being chased by the police, Kwame perished.

4. Vybrant Faya

For many fans of the “mampe hitmaker”, Vybrant Faya and recently Ike Yeboah, Amakye Dede’s Manager, all of who died through road accident, the entertainment industry would be benefiting from their rich artistic ideas and showmanship.

Ebony’s death has called into question the need for artiste to be managed professionally, especially with regard to travelling in the light of the dangers on Ghana’s roads, not only to public figures but to every Ghanaian.

Ebony Reigns, like her name suggest, may be reigning indeed on a sad note but just like a colleague reporter Mercydalyne Lokko puts it, strangely for most of these artiste who die in their prime, they may perhaps have known but for how long must we sit down accidents which are preventable to take the lives of Ghanaians.

Is Bullet really the one behind Ebony’s death? Read his last words to Ebony just before the her journey

First our condolence to the family of the The late dancehall queen and 90’s bad ghyal “Ebony Reigns”. May her soul Rest in Perfect Peace where ever she is now ..

In recent stories trending in GH now is the sad moment the nation is in now.

Taliking of the sadden death of our own queen who passed out 3 days today. Infact the Nation is in a state of sorrow as we all mourn the death of the late Dancehall queen “Ebony Reigns”

Since her death occured pastors and prophets of various ministries in the country are claiming they prophesied the death and we don’t really know if we are to believe it or not.

But we came to think of some recent stories which came out on the front pages of graphics between the late queen and her manager which proves the her manage could be the cause of her death.

Just about some weeks ago, her manager in an interview with Joy News claimed that he has all it takes to destroy the late dancehalll queens career.

Image result for Bullet Ebony's manager


In the interview this was what her manager said  “Ebony can never be ungrateful because I made her. I have the button to press to go up or to come down. If she becomes ungrateful, it is her own matter.”

And the question we have for the day is, could bullet really be behind Ebony’s death….




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