The main boyfriend of the cheap slay queen, Akosua Sika at the centre of these ‘two cheap slay queens fighting over a guy’ saga has finally spoken.

Akosua’s boyfriend in question happens to be a ‘son’ of musician Criss Waddle—so perhaps the guy is part of the AMG business crew and thus could be loaded with cash.

Apparently, the guy does supply Akosua Sika’s needs according to his riches—bought her Iphone 7plus, sends her on shopping spree, chop-money all inclusive.


But just like the greedy mouse, Akosua Sika isn’t satisfied and hence jump from man to man.

From a Whatsapp conversation, Baron Ike (Akosua’s main boyfriend) provided proof of his claim (of truly being Akosua’s real boyfriend) as he shared a picture of himself and Akosua Sika having fun in a swimming pool.

From the chat, the one who was chatting with Baron Ike wanted to receive confirmation if he was talking about Akosua Sika or Sharon Gh.

Baron Ike replied with “The one that was slapped”; insinuating that he was involved with Akosua Sika.

More to this, musician Criss Waddle has also confirmed everything via his official Facebook account:

Worse still, hears says has it that, Akosua Sika is dating about 5 different guys.





  1. Hey girl… too whatsup
    You have 400 dating requests from guys so what’s the big deal of this nasty thing…all you gah to do is to open your stinky legs for them to fuck….that’s how you girls are now a days…..

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