If it comes to putting one’s n*dity on display, then the captains thereof should be M3nsa and his partner in crime, Wanlov Kubolor.

M3nsa thinks there’s nothing wrong with exposing one’s vitals.

According to him, it’s a sign of freeeeeeeeeeedom! And he can’t just wait for his kids to grow up and get to see his n*ked pics online.


The father of two daughters born to a Nigerian wife actually told Regina Van Helvert on Gh One Tv that he can’t actually wait for the kids to grow and see those photos.

” because for me that’s freedom and you know what the thing is that it’s a sign because the day the picture came out was the day my 2nd daughter was born,” M3nsa said.

M3nsa further noted that what he doesn’t like is how people s*xualize the act of n*kedness.




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