I keep on repeating that all these girls in this Akosua Sika-Sharon GH and Asawaa GH saga are all bunch of cheap whores obviously having some stinking puss-es (excuse my words) infected with gross STDs.

Asaawa and Sharon GH

Sharon GH the lady who was assaulting Akosua Sika on the grounds of trying to snatch his boyfriend Asaawa has entered a very hot soup.

Sharon GH

Sharon just amidst all these brouhaha wouldn’t even let day break for things to cool down.

Her itching vajayjay has sent her to the room of another guy identified as Marshall.

It appears she was set up and caught red handed in action on Marshall’s bed.

In the video available to us, her friends who caught her can be heard calling her all kinds of derogatory names—expressing their disbelieve of how cheap she (Sharon) could be.

Watch video below:


We’re working hard to get the part 2 and 3 of the recorded video. Stay tuned on CelebritiesBuzz.co for latest updates.





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