The kitchen stool movement by this headmaster and student is spreading like wild fire.

Apart from the fact that, a lot of people worldwide has already put it to test in their bedroom, the ‘inn thing’ is now getting grounds even in the world of Gymnastics.

A gym instructor was seen conducting a whole aerobic session using a kitchen stool at the 2nd edition of ‘The Celebrity Workout’.

Participants of the event could not hold back their excitement when the gentleman walked up the stage with two kitchen stools in his hand, knelt on them and demonstrated the same sex position as the girl in the sex video.

Patrons rushed closer with their phones and camera to capture a glimpse of the ‘’all-hilarious’’ and ‘crazy’ moment, abandoning the aerobics session.


A sex video of a young girl and a head teacher has gone viral as a result of the sexual position shown in it. The young girl was seen in the video kneeling on a kitchen stool bend forward with her buttocks showing upward as the headmaster ‘happily’ took her from behind.

It was last heard that the headmaster, Robert Seppey fled after it came to his notice, there was a search for him.

Meanwhile, the ‘promiscuous’ headteacher has been reported to have turned himself in to the Police and has appeared before the two-member committee investigating the issue.

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