Guy blasts Shatta Wale for mentioning and counting the type of cars he owns as part of his blessings

Shatta Wale over the week has been of so many charges over pastors and their so called prophecies which they are claiming they had over Ebony’s death.


The Shatta Movement(SM) boss over the week, went live on Facebook to sound a strong warning to evangelists,pastors and prophets who are saying God has been revealing celebrities death to them.

In the live video Shatta wale said “He is going to burn down churches if any pastor or prophets should come out and predict his death within the year”

And when he Shatta Wale finds himself  alive by this year’s December ending, then there is really going to be a great war in Ghana which is going to be him against churches, which made him say he will be burning down churches.

In his live video today Shatta Wale was driving in his without his seat belt on, so angry  telling pastors, prophets and evangelists predicting celebrities death how bless he Shatta Wale is.

Shatta Wale made mention of his Range Rover vehicle, his G-Wagon and fleet of cars he owe which he can’t even count and mention.

Watch Shatta’s live video below….

NB: To see where he made mention of his cars, forward the video to 3:44mins, den start watching from der…….

Checkout some comments from Shatta’s Loyal fans below…. 

Most were so worried about Shatta not putting on his seat belt

Shatta Wale Shatta Wale Shatta Wale Shatta Wale

And the hater U all are waiting to dis just popped from nowhere and gave this trashy comment, check it below……

Shatta Wale

And sorry, with fear of SM fans putting dis guys life into danger, his name will not be discloses here, but at least take the comment for now..

If it was to be you, U won’t be happy as well if your name was disclosed…






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