Frustrated man from Thailand destroys and kills his s*x doll, dumps body inside bush. (Photos)

A s*x doll used by its owner in Thailand has met its gruesome end after its owner, for yet to be known reasons, slashed its stomach open, battered and mutilated the body and dumped it in a bush.


The Police in Nonthawat, Thailand were alerted by a passer-by about a ‘body’ dumped in a bush – the policemen arrived the scene only to discover a mutilated s*x doll.

This though, isn’t the first time photos of a battered s*x doll by its owner will hit the internet – sometime in January, a man attempting a kinky s*x position with his doll shocked social media users after he ended up breaking the doll’s leg.

According to Facebook user, Karess Lawary, he was trying to be freaky with bae (his s*x doll) when he started feeling too good. So he tried to put the doll’s leg behind her head and pound away – Unfortunately, he heard a snap and voila, his pretty s*x doll’s leg is broken.

See more photos of the battered s*x doll below:




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