The FIA singer posted photos of what they acquired but he did not reveal his partner’s identity.

Davido's gf

However, a video recording from one of his Dubai friend’s snapchat revealed partially, the identity of the mystery woman.

Watch the short video below… The video was shared by one of Davido’s friend who is based in Dubai.. Apparently, he linked up with this friend, and the video of Davido’s grand entrance was recorded, but then the recording was immediately put away..

…now let’s do a quick comparison.. Below are pictures of Davido and his new girlfriend he shared on social media…. Take note of the Gucci Belt, her Blue Jeans and Pink bag…

davido's babay mama

The pink bag..

davido new girlfriend

Now watch the video again above, and see if it doesn’t match the girl in the video! You’re welcome!

House later he shared a new snapshot chilling with his girl in Dubai..

davido and girlfriend





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