Elikem Kumordzie says his marriage to Pokello was a mistake

The love story between Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello Nare has taken a nose dive.


As usual, their marriage was based on nothing but mere idealism and fantasies.

Remember they were both Big Brother Africa housemates in 2013…there and then fell in ‘love’, and eventually, got married in 2015.

Elikem has come out stating that his marriage to his ‘once upon a time’ perfect Pokello was a mistake.

Eli and Poke

The Ghanaian star took to his Instagram to share details of his shopping trip at the Harrods in London, and this includes a video of an engagement ring with a caption that said, “Definitely not making a mistake on the next one. The right one.”

The news of their split up first surfaced in November 2017.

Following rumours of their split up, Pokello took to her social media to respond to the barrage of questions from her fans.

“You will hear good things about me; you will hear bad things about me. Think what you want. I ain’t clearing sh*t up,” she said.

Now, her ‘estranged’ husband has take to his Instagram to talk about his first mistake, and this is all the confirmation their fans needed.




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