Ebony’s Look-alike interview gone wrong? Take a well and second look at the so called Ebony Look-alike (Video)

A video circulating on social media which records Ebony’s look-alike, has set social media users ablaze.


The so called Ebony’s look-alike has got so many social media users angry and mad over why people call this girl Ebony’s look-alike.

Akua Kyeremateng as she is called, disclosed in the interview that, people kept reffering to her as Ebony because she won the Ebony’s look-alike contest on social media and that makes her also believes she really looks like the Late Ebony Reigns.

But social media users are mad at Akua, since they believe she is no where near to be called a look alike of the Late Ebony Reigns.

So let’s know your thought, is Akua Kyeremanteng the real Ebony Reigns look-alike?

Watch Akua in an interview below….. 

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