Don’t cook, clean, wash for a man who has not married you – Leila Djansi

Award-winning Ghanaian film-maker and feminist Leila Djansi has urged women not to wash, cook or clean for a man unless they’ve gone to the alter.


She made this known on her official Facebook page.

A male commenter on her wall, asked; “So can the same lady expect me to make her look beautiful before our marriage?? I mean investing on her if the need be?? Cux I don’t think once in a while helping ur partner to be is a crime here, unless otherwise”

Leila replied: “Nope. A woman should be able to take care of her own self. You should not be spending money on a woman you are not married to. Save that money and invest in something else, unless of course, you are a sugar daddy.

“Then you know it’s part of your duties. Then again, cooking and cleaning is not a prerequisite for paying for your partner to look the way that pleases THE BOTH OF YOU.”




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