When we talk about love from the people, Shatta Wale got it—100% despite his ‘uncouth’ nature sometimes.

DJ Touray with Obonu FM crew

A fan by name DJ Touray Laura who lives in United Kingdom and has been a Shatta fan for sooo many years now has come down to Ghana to pay a visit to the African Dancehall King.

DJ Touray with Shatta Wale and Michy

In an interview with DJ LALO on his Entertainment Paradise Show on OBONU 96.5 FM, Touray disclosed how deeply Shatta Wale’s songs connect to her inner-man. Thus, changing her life completely for the better.

DJ Touray posing with Storm Energy drink in an interview with DJ LALO on Obonu FM

Having no choice, she fell deeply in love with Shatta.

Touray and DJ Lalo

She moreso added that the encouragement and love she receives from the Shatta Movement Empire is so much so that, she feels really grateful and indebted to them as a family.

DJ Touray with the Shatta Movement Crew

Watch video below as DJ Lalo interviews her on OBONU 96.5 FM:




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