Diamond Appiah – Some Ghanaian Women Even Sleep With Married Men For Just A Bottle Of Guinness’

Ghana’s celebrity who last year contested for an MP position but was not given the nod has  today jumped to the defense of  Moesha Boudong for her reckless comment she passed on CNN during her interview with Christiane Amanpuor Live on air.


She said  during the interview that, ‘She is having affairs with married men as well as many Ghanaians. A situation which is necessary for their survival due to the hard economy of Ghana..’

Hell broke loose on Moesha Boudong after uttering such comments as many public figures back-lashed and insulted her for disgracing Ghanaian ladies on such a higher platform.

Some people even called her and her associates ‘stupid’ and ‘fools’.

However, Diamond thinks what Moesha said is the truth and that those criticizing her all hypocrites. According to the former musician, Moesha stated the obvious and that some Ghanaian women are even bonked for just a bottle of Guinness and scratch cards.

Here’s what she wrote:

“All the HYPOCRITES insulting Moesha for speaking the bitter truth about wot most Ghanaian women do should bow down their heads in shame. Did I hear u say she is a disgrace to women? You and I know majority of women in this country, even the working class still sleep with men for money so where from all this hypocrisy.

Women in this country decided to be a disgrace to themselves n the nation ages ago when they decided to stoop low n wreck homes of other women by sleeping with their husbands for incentives n even bastards. (Have u forgotten about the fa wotu begye Golf nonsense during the Acheampong regime) Some shameless women even go as low as sleeping with men for recharge cards, a bottle of Guinness, fried rice, pizza etc yet those women are on social media insulting Moesha for being honest about her lifestyle. Some of u r on social media claiming u are hard working ladies but trust me your monthly salaries can’t even buy u those expensive weaves u wear or fund the apartments u live in. So the question is who buys those weaves n pay their rent? Is it a Ghost?

You n I know honestly that 90% of Ghanaian girls go in a relationship with either married or single guys for financial support so was Moesha lying? Their only problem is Moesha shouldn’t have spoken the truth on CNN but In fact she should have added that about 80% of those so called working class girls making noise n chastising her got employed by sleeping with their boss or someone related to their Boss for employment. Ghana is indeed a country of Shameless men n women who are hypocritical about the TRUTH!”

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