It’s now time these our celebrities stop the joke and take some prophecies about them serious.

Celebrities in Ghana here seems to always be taking prophecies about them for granted and some even have gone to the extent of insulting these prophets and warning them not if anything should happen to them they are going to be dealt with severely.

Since the death of Ebony, prophets are seen to be good for nothing in Ghana here, talking of how some said they had a prophecy about her death and that she didn’t take it serious, which made other celebrities throw shades at them and warned them about such prophecies.

In recent story popping up on social media is Stonebwoy’s exit from Zylofon and how they are threatening his life and career as well.

Stonebwoy was signed onto Zylofon Media just some few months ago wey back in 2017 and it seems to have gotten no where and he Stonebwoy again is here saying he has quit Zylofon Media.

Has Stonebwoy’s enemies gotten him? since it seems to be some kind of trap they set for him in his career.

Dating back to March 3 2017, a Ghanaian uptown based prophet who goes by the name “Diallo Godfield Opong” gave a prohecy about our celebrities and he made it out clear that, those who love Stonebwoy should pray for him, because his haters are going to use Money to bring down his poor young soul.

Prophet Diallo Godfield Opong
Prophet Diallo Godfield Opong

Read how prophet prophesied about Stonebwoy’s career and his poor young soul below below….



Prophecy on how Stonebwoy's career is going to end
Prophecy on how Stonebwoy’s career is going to end





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