CEO Of Diamond pub and grill, Michelle Diamond popularly known as Shatta Michy has once again dissed Stonebwoy — reffering to him as ”that artiste without any benefit”.


She further said those supporting the BHIM President should receive sense—as they lack it.shatta michy and waleAccording to Michy, that Artiste which is Stonebwoy is selfish and does not even reply people’s DM not to talk of giving back to the society.

Michy went on asking those people supporting ”that artiste” Stonebwoy, what they have benefited from him for supporting him.

she wrote; ”That artiste you’re supporting, how much have u benefited from ‘It’ ?? It cuz they’re irrelevant. Be it giving back to society or simply replying a dm ? What have You learnt through their life as a public figure?? Now u see you’re asking yourself questions with no answers? Receive sense this year and forever more … can I get an amen 🙏🏽”

Michy also went ahead to say that, when Shatta Wale done something good, they don’t talk about it but when he does bad, they will talk about it..

”Everyday shatta wale bad but when he does good y’all don’t see it. Appreciate your own cuz we ain’t tolerating this shitty attitude in 2018. Ya heard??”





  1. @Opare Rockson..
    Your life is like a story
    When poverty has cuddle you and you manage to buy your self gari 50pesewas ,you soak the gari,the sugar was not enough to give you taste so have to add a few salt ready to suck and a goat from nowhere runs to pour the gari away …I see that pain in your comment..
    Sorry waiii shall be well ..I pray that patience reach you otherwise you will curse #Shatta_Michy

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