Is Bullet really the one behind Ebony’s death? Read his last words to Ebony just before the her journey

First our condolence to the family of the The late dancehall queen and 90’s bad ghyal “Ebony Reigns”. May her soul Rest in Perfect Peace where ever she is now ..


In recent stories trending in GH now is the sad moment the nation is in now.

Taliking of the sadden death of our own queen who passed out 3 days today. Infact the Nation is in a state of sorrow as we all mourn the death of the late Dancehall queen “Ebony Reigns”

Since her death occured pastors and prophets of various ministries in the country are claiming they prophesied the death and we don’t really know if we are to believe it or not.

But we came to think of some recent stories which came out on the front pages of graphics between the late queen and her manager which proves the her manage could be the cause of her death.

Just about some weeks ago, her manager in an interview with Joy News claimed that he has all it takes to destroy the late dancehalll queens career.

Image result for Bullet Ebony's manager


In the interview this was what her manager said  “Ebony can never be ungrateful because I made her. I have the button to press to go up or to come down. If she becomes ungrateful, it is her own matter.”

And the question we have for the day is, could bullet really be behind Ebony’s death….






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