Berla Mundi praises Martin Amidu on Twitter & follower shades her for loving ‘Sugar Daddies’

Berla Mundi was enjoying the vetting of Ghana’s soon to be confirmed Independent Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu.


The vetting took place yesterday 13th Feb. 2018.

Amidu has been having the time of his life at the vetting with his no nonsense approach delighting the public.

Berla Mundi

Berla Mundi was also enamoured with Amidu and it led her to tweet her admiration.

“Hon. Martin Amidu is quite hilarious ” the GhOne Tv presenter wrote.

However, the first person to reply to her trolled her, noting that she’s known for liking ‘sugar daddies’.


“You like him eh? Abi you de3 nkokorafo) no a na wo p3” the user tweeted, to wit: ‘you’re known for liking old people’.

Berla Mundi, during her recent spat with Yvonne Nelson, was accused by the actress of having a penchant for dating married men.





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