In September 2012, tittle tattles had it that, actor Chris Attoh was a gay.

He debunked those rumours of being gay on Glo’s Big Friday Show back then, which was hosted by Basket Mouth.

On that show, he said there was no truth in the rumour whatsoever. But the rumours didn’t stop there.

Chris Attoh and Ex-wife
Chris Attoh and Ex-wife

Eventually, he married Damilola Adegbite making all the hearsays to sleep.

Unfortunately, his marriage to Dami collapsed just recently and again gossip mongers are linking it to Chris’ gay tag which has always being on him—saying it was the cause of his divorce with Adegbite.

Chris Attoh has disclosed that rumours of him being gay were mere propaganda started by a lady fan who harassed him for sex years ago.

According to Chris, the harassment incident took place in his ‘green room’ moments after he finished hosting a show at the National Theatre in Accra long time ago.

“The only time I heard about that (being gay) was a young lady friend who promised me she was going to make sure that the industry thought I am a gay,” he said on Angel TV on Wednesday night.

Chris Attoh gay photos
Chris Attoh gay photos

“And this was after I hosted a show at the National Theatre one evening. I finished and was walking back to my green room. I was really really tired … I wasn’t in the mood for anything but there was a young lady who came to introduce herself as a fan and she had nothing but a jacket on and she took the jacket off. I don’t think the rating of the show will allow but long story short, I didn’t yield to it.

I was very hot because I was going for some money. Apart from that I also felt … a piece of meat. It wasn’t something that was attractive and packaged. But long story short before I left the room and I asked her to put her clothes on, she promised me she was going to go to every press to tell them I am gay because she gave herself to me and I did nothing.

This is a long time ago. So that is the only time I remember and I probably did hear I’m a gay but I didn’t know it’s that serious,” the actor revealed.

His comments on Wednesday about being tagged gay came up due to a recent comment by President Akufo-Addo in an interview with Aljazeera that legalising homosexuality is bound to happen in Ghana if there is a strong demand for it by the populace.

The president, however, added that the issue is currently not a priority for Ghanaians.

Chris, who appeared on Angel TV together with fellow actor Adjetey Anang, won’t express his opinion on whether homosexuality should be legalised in Ghana or not. He and Anang Adjetey were of the view that they prefer to leave that to the leaders of Ghana.




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